Elite provides Player, Parent, & Club consultation.  We provide individual & group training, college prep counseling and college recruitment services for players. Hands-on training for coaches and resources to parents.

Our individual training is very specialized and personalized to each players needs. We focus on the player becoming a “whole” player, while understanding the reasons why they are asked to perform specific skills. 

We prepare student-athletes for a potential college playing opportunity.  We take pride in finding what college fits our student-athletes needs. We take each player through a process to find where they want to go to school, where they can play and how it will help them succeed academically.

We provide camps for coaches at their schools or clubs to create a unique training environment with their teams that helps them grow in their development, tactical, and skills knowledge.

Parents complete the ultimate trifecta for all of this to work.  We provide consultation and resources for parents trying to figure out how to walk through the volleyball process at all levels.  We help them (with their kids) figure out their future and how to get there.