Elite Volleyball’s Tawna & Chris Werner personally train individual athletes One-on-One or in different size groups. 

They are highly skilled in training players to become either Complete All Around Players of Specialized Position Players.

Having Trained Hundreds of Volleyball Players throughout the years with the emphasis of Fundamentals through College Preparation, previous & current trained players have/are Excelling on and off the court.

Elite Volleyball Trainees are given personalized training with specific emphasis to what each individual player needs with quality and immediate feedback being the foundation of Individual & Group Training.

Former Trainees have achieved their own specific goals ranging from becoming a varsity player on their High School Team to earning a Collegiate Volleyball Scholarship without ever playing Club Volleyball. 

Our Trainees have achieved and earned Scholarships at all Collegiate Levels: NCAA DI, DII, DIII (this Division of the NCAA only offers Academic Scholarship Money), NAIA, & Junior College. 

Training Prices

  • $40/hour for Individual Trainings
  • $30/hour for Groups of 4 Players or Less
  • $25/hour for Groups of 5 or More Players
  • Group & Individual Rates are Negotiable for Consistent Weekly/Monthly Trainings & Recruitment Package Customers